Earth Day was a few days ago which got us thinking about all the different ways we can be friends of the earth and play our part in sustainability. In the words of the Earth Day Organisation, “Education is the foundation for progress” which couldn’t be more true, we all know how much Modibodi loves […]

Exercising itself can be pretty daunting and a very big lifestyle change, but exercising after childbirth is a whole different ballpark. There are so many things to consider when returning to health and fitness after having a baby. Firstly, are you mentally prepared? Exercise has amazing benefits for your mental health, but you also need […]

Puberty is a confusing time in every young girls life. Changes are happening both physically and mentally and our hormones are often running wild. The thought of getting a first period can be extremely daunting as we often don’t know what to look out for or what the signs may be that its approaching. Whether […]

World Health Day is the 7th April each year and provides an opportunity to discuss a diverse health issue affecting the world. The theme of 2017 is Depression: Let’s Talk About it. Depression affects a variety of people of different ages from all walks of life and has a negative impact on those who have […]

Google Customer Reviews has replaced the Google Trusted Stores program, allowing you to share your feedback and opinions on shopping with Modibodi! You are now able to leave a review about your shopping experience and thoughts on your Modibodi garments which can be viewed by other people shopping on the website. Modibodi is dedicated to […]

In the game of life, menstruation is an inevitable bodily function faced by all women. Yet it is something that so many women around the world know so little about. Menstruation is a vital bodily function and it is imperative that young girls are educated about what is happening to their body, why it happens […]

In our latest instalment of Empowering Women Series, we chatted with the lovely Charlotte Rose Mellis. Lover of the earth, co-founder of Vox Populi and incredibly successful and passionate! Read on to hear more about Charlotte and her journey in making a positive impact on our earth. You have co-founded the amazing organisation of change ‘VOPO’’. […]

On Monday this week, Olympic Swimmer Emily Seebohm spoke about winning the Olympic Gold in the face of endometriosis. Earlier this year, actress Lena Dunham spoke out about her struggles with this debilitating condition. This disease impacts women in the prime of their lives, and comes to them through no personal failings or lifestyle choices […]

Image Source (Womens Weekly)  Normal vaginal discharge consists of around a teaspoon a day of white/transparent, thick to thin and odorless liquid. This is formed by normal bacteria and fluids in the vagina and can be more noticeable depending on the time of month, to signify ovulation, menstrual flow, sexual activity and birth control. What […]

There is so much we have to think about as women so we shouldn’t need to worry about a little leak. It’s not commonly discussed but it’s often on our minds, for some, it’s daily and others, just one week out of every month. It’s not just periods and light bladder leaks either but also […]