Hold onto your undies as it’s time to go with the flow! Here’s your chance to be the first to secure our next shipment arriving throughout June & July. PRE ORDERS NOW OPEN for the NEW and replenished styles: Classic Air in black and beige (light)  Classic Thong in black (super light) Sensual Boyleg in […]

Image Source (Continence)  World Continence Week is running from the 19-25th June this year. This years theme is Incontinence: No Laughing Matter.  This is a really important topic and one that Modibodi is always keen to discuss. A lot of women of all different ages are often faced with changes in their pelvic floor and face incontinence issues […]

Having a regular and mostly pain free periods (apart from those pesky cramps) is a good indication that your hormones are in balance and your reproductive system is functioning as it should be. However, irregular, frequently missed or very painful periods or any related symptoms could be a sign of something more serious, potentially hormone […]

Ah, the arrival of first periods. The inevitable moment in a girls life which can bring shock, confusion, panic, embarrassment and a whole lot of questions. At Modibodi, we are always looking for new ways to improve the lives of women and girls of all ages. We’ve covered (and got you covered for) periods, bladder leaks, […]

World Menstrual Hygiene Day 2017 is on the 28th May this year. This is a pivotal day which brings together not for profits, organisations and companies such as Modibodi, government agencies and the media to promote Menstrual Hygiene Management on a global scale. It raises awareness of the challenges faced by girls and women all […]

What does being unstoppable mean to you? Who do you admire for their strength, passion or drive? Modibodi spoke to a couple of our favourite celebrities, mums, bloggers and all round inspiring women and asked them- Who is the unstoppable woman in their lives? SALI SASI, POPPY RENEGADE MAGAZINE One of my favourite #unstoppable women […]

Six beautiful models arrived at Elevate Dance Studio last week, ready to take on the first Modibodi shoot of 2017! Our shoot occurred just a week before Mothers Day, so we were really feeling the love. Especially with the addition of our amazing mother daughter duo Jahmila and Bernie, these two are amazing and just […]

Modibodi had the pleasure of chatting to the lovely Alex Lyons, the founder of the extremely successful baby carrier company, Ankalia. The recent, This Body Wears Campaign saw a range of beautiful mothers across Australia coming together to celebrate the female form in all its varieties. The campaign aimed to challenge perceptions of what a ‘normal’ […]

#unstoppable brands making a difference We salute innovation at Modibodi and together with these amazing brands celebrated Mother’s Day and the #unstoppable women in our lives. See the amazing entries from Aussie women here! Each of these amazing brands have donated hundreds of dollars in prizes and one #unstoppable woman and her wing-woman will each […]