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Modibodi Active – Comfortable and Dependable Period Panties & Fitness Clothing That Will Have You Enjoying Exercise Again

Are you itching to get out and get active but fear the dreaded light bladder leakage, a period leak or your body odour wafting through the class? The good news is that you don’t have to let these concerns stop exercise in its tracks with Modibodi absorbent, leak-proof and period panties and fitness clothing.

With two styles of Active brief available as well as an Active crop top, you can be guaranteed that every aspect of comfort is covered giving you peace of mind and allowing you to get the most out of every workout.

Our Active briefs are made from what we believe is the best athletic fabric on the market, super fine Merino Perform. Merino underwear keeps you cool, naturally. The same goes for the luxurious, soft bamboo we use for our Active crop tops.

The luxuriously soft bamboo combines state-of-the-art patented Modifier technology with natural fibres andwill keep you cool, dry and sweat free.

Who knows, if you feel this confident in your fitness clothing, you may just start knocking your personal bests out of the park!

How Modibodi Active absorbent, leak-proof and period panties protect you during a workout

If you are one of the 1 in 2 women who experience overflow during your period or one of the 1 in 3 women who experience light bladder leakage, Modibodi Active absorbent, leak-proof and period panties will most certainly bring back your confidence.

The super-slim 3mm liner in the Modibodi Active panties can hold a staggering 1-3 tampons worth of fluid, depending on the level of protection you use. Whether you’re running; skipping or stretching it out on a yoga mat, you can be confident in knowing that your Modibodi underwear is working to keep you dry and leak free.

It’s the unique Modifier Technology in Modibodi Active that makes our underwear a comfortable, reliable and cost effective option to the traditional disposable sanitary products. The technology draws away moisture from the skin with its top layer, absorbs and locks away unwanted fluids with its middle layer and prevents leaks and odours with a waterproof film and the fabrics antimicrobial properties.

Modibodi will have you feeling and looking great as you move through your fitness routine with no unsightly stains or odours.

How Modibodi Active Air briefs and crop top protect you during a workout

The Modibodi Active Air briefs work a little differently to the absorbent, leak-proof and period panties in that they are specifically designed to keep you cool, sweat and odour free at any time of the month.

Using the Modifier Air Technology, the Active Air briefs and crop top work to eradicate sweat and unwanted odour. Sweat is moved away from the skin so you feel nice and dry and the antimicrobial properties of the fabric work to eliminate odours. Never again will you have to worry if it’s you the odour is coming from in Yoga class!

Once you’ve smashed your personal bests and exercise goals, all you have to do is throw your Modibodi Active fitness clothing into the washing machine using a garment bag and wash on a gentle cold cycle. Following these easy care steps will ensure your Modibodi absorbent, leak-proof and period panties and fitness clothing last just as long as regular underwear. Simple!

Shop Modibodi Active absorbent, leak-proof and period panties and fitness clothing today so you can enjoy exercise again!